Creating a Friendly Living Room Design

Keep reading for 5 of our favorite kid friendly living room design ideas! Finding a good, kid-safe rug is important first things first: Avoid silk and artificial fibers, which can be very expensive to clean and dye. Wool rugs are more durable than those, so they’re worth a try if you have the funds. Rugs in the children’s rooms generally have to be a certain size, and should not be too thin or too thick–if it’s too thick, it could be slippery when wet, which could encourage kids to step on them, causing tripping accidents.

Furniture colors also affect the mood of a room: Try to match your furniture to the fabrics in your living room design style, so the furniture will look like it belongs with the other fabrics in the room, rather than stand out and look odd. Kids especially have a hard time accepting furniture that doesn’t match their “regular” room. Bright colors and bold patterns tend to stimulate the sensory organs of a child better than darker, monochromatic colors do, so use these colors when you design your kids’ rooms. You could also use bold, bright fabrics in an area rug or throw, or in a chair or sofa to add extra visual interest.

Beni Ourain Rugs, by Designers of London, is a top-rated, durable brand that have been sold all over the world. Beni Ourain’s Rugs are made from materials like cotton, wool and silk that last for years, are machine washable, and feature eco-friendly weaving techniques. Beni Ourain’s Rugs are also machine-sealed to make sure that they’re durable and resistant to dirt, spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear. These beautiful rugs can go just about anywhere in your home and give your living room an inviting, cozy feeling.

Use a Save pin to dress up plain white walls in your living rooms. The use of a save pin draws focus to a focal point in your design and gives you the chance to show off one element of your design–or to hide something else–without having to create an entirely new look all over the place. For instance, if you have a sofa that you simply love but it’s not in the center of your living room, you can pin a pretty accent pillow on the sofa that matches its color scheme, or even match the color of your curtains. Using a save pin to dress up plain, white walls in your living rooms allows you to experiment with the different textures, fabrics and colors that you’d like to incorporate into your living room. It makes your home look less boring.

A coffee table, by definition, is designed to be the center of focus in a space. A small sofa or love seat can sit comfortably while a larger coffee table helps to consolidate and organize items that are found in your living rooms. If you’ve got a large living room and want to bring life and interest to the area, then the use of a coffee table is both a necessity and a great way to help define your space. The use of a coffee table saves you the time and trouble of drawing attention to a lack of balance in your living room.

Keep in mind that when it comes to making your living room family friendly, you also have to consider the rest of the furniture in your home. A family-friendly living room does not mean that the family furniture has to be plain and boring. A variety of colorful family furniture can add interest to a room without cluttering it or making it look too busy. Use a sofa and coffee table that are complementary colors to your sofa, but that also complement the color scheme of the walls in the room. That way, you can blend your furniture together in an easygoing and light manner. With these ideas, you can create an inviting family friendly living room design that will ensure that everyone can enjoy their own space!