How to Decorate Your Bedroom Shelves

Many people seek creativity and inspiration when it comes to decorating bedroom shelves. If you struggle with making an impressive statement with your bedroom shelves, then this post is for you. The following tips are guaranteed to transform the entire look of your bedroom and make the process of decoration enjoyable.

Empty the shelves

This first step has a great effect on your mental state as it signifies starting over. A blank state enables you to rethink which items belong to the shelves and eliminating those that don’t fit. You are assured of a new look by starting from scratch.

Choose the right colors

Observe the dominant colors in your bedroom. The shelves should have a color that complements the dominant colors. The pieces that go on the shelves should also have the same colors for the most part. One mind trick that works is using one main color and two others that are less dominant. Ensure that these colors work well together.

Collect objects to put on the shelves

A bedroom shelf can have objects such as plants, art, lanterns and ornaments. However, it is important to prioritize personal items for this space. Display pictures of loved ones, collected items, and souvenirs that make a sentimental statement. It could be useful to gather more than you actually need to select the best items for the shelves.

Arrange the pieces in patterns

Objects such as long vases should be placed at the ends of the shelves. Group short pieces with the same colors together. The goal is to achieve visual balance from a distance. You can use your phone to take a picture and observe whether the pattern creates an illusion of balance. To achieve a layered look, fil in the middle areas. Some items can be placed in baskets to avoid using too much space.

Repeat the decoration with the aim of variety

A mix and match strategy is helpful after some time to avoid getting bored. You can switch the position of some items and try a new arrangement once in a while. Create a style that pleases you and makes the bedroom a more interesting place.Check out Tylko’s article on styling bedroom shelves for more inspiration: